As we continue our series on batching, last week we discussed what is batching. In today’s post, we will continue with this month’s theme on batching. We will be discussing what areas you can batch in your business.


Here are 5 areas that you can batch in your business.

1.  Email

If you have an email account, you would have already noticed how overwhelming it can be.

Batching can be helpful to stay on top of your email.

Schedule times during the day for a length of time so that you can sit down to read your emails and declutter your inbox.

2. Social Media

I personally batch social media content for my clients for up to 2 weeks.

I set aside time on Monday to create posts and graphics and schedule the content.

This helps me save time as I don’t need to create each post a single day at a time.

3. Graphic Creation

You might need to create graphics for a blog post or a Pinterest account.

You will get so much more done when you batch your graphics especially if you have templates guiding you rather than creating graphics when you need them.

4. Website Maintenance

You can set time aside either a day in a week or a month to do website maintenance for your clients or yourself.

I personally use Asana, to schedule my task as recurring tasks for website maintenance.

5.  Accounting / Bookkeeping

I personally outsource my bookkeeping needs to a bookkeeper.

On the last day of the month, I send over my statements which include reports from my other sources of income so that she can create a transaction report.

I am sure that she also batches these tasks so as to be keener, more alert, and less stressed to reduce minimal errors.

This wouldn’t be possible if she did the same thing every day.


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