As we come to the end of this month’s theme, we have discussed what batching is, areas of your business to batch, and finally, today’s topic why use batching in your business.

Below are some of the reasons to use batching in your business:

1. Saves time

When you group tasks together to be done at a certain time, you end up saving a lot of time if you were to do each task individually at a different time and on different days of the week. Thus no more multitasking which leads to decreased chances of burnout.

2. More organized

Grouping tasks together becomes easy to manage thus improving one’s organization.

3. You get more done

You accomplish more tasks with batching.

4. Scheduling client’s work

It helps improve communication with clients. When they know you batch their content on a certain day so they are able to pass on the necessary details on that day.


My personal experience with batching for a client in terms of content repurposing

  • I have a client who recently challenged themselves.
  • The client performed a 21 days Facebook Live challenge.
  • She has a Facebook group, which is where she did her Facebook lives which constituted of her sharing her expertise and knowledge concerning her niche.
  • After the lives, she had transcriptions of the lives and wanted to convert them into a book.
  • If you have any experience with transcriptions, especially raw transcriptions, you will know it has unnecessary details regarding timestamps, references from people who engaged with the live, etc.
  • When I received the transcripts, I knew I had to batch them.
  • I divided the assignment into different tasks: Get rid of timestamps, remove the references and convert the transcripts into neat and easy-to-consume paragraphs.
  • Now I have set aside time to achieve each individual task thus saving time and reducing burnout.


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