It’s a new month, which also means that we have a new theme for the podcast. This month’s theme is batching and today we will discuss what batching is.


Batching is the act of grouping tasks together to do them together.

It helps improve the productivity of a virtual assistant.


What can you batch?

  • Email
  • Social media
  • graphic creation
  • article writing/ editor

The downside of batching

    • If a task requires one to be in a certain mindset in order to do it thus batching will be ineffective.
    • If one is learning something new, batching it is discouraged as you need to give it your full attention

It’s advisable to practice batching with a task that has a set starting time frame and an ending time frame. I personally batch my clients’ social media posts for two weeks. If I have onboarded a new client, I do it from week to week. After batching the content all that remains is to schedule the post. Doing this has tremendously improved my productivity. I batch my clients’ content on Mondays. It has become part of the schedule and routine.

Something that I have personally failed to batch is my podcast, however, I’m currently challenging myself to try and batch the month’s theme on a certain day. Recording a podcast once a week has become frustrating and tiring for me and I’m struggling to keep up.

I also challenge you to look at some of the tasks you are doing and see what you can try batching.

Once you start feel free to reach out to me to give me a heads-up on how it’s been going on.


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