Today we are finishing up our series on AI in Your Virtual Assistant Business, by Leveraging AI to Automate Your Virtual Assistant Business Processes.

Some of these are things you may have never considered, but I hope they will help you use AI in your business to your advantage. 

Facebook Messenger

The first thing we’re going to talk about are Chatbots. I know these can get a bad rap. However, if you are having difficulty keeping up with messages you receive on different social media platforms, Chatbot can help. Sometimes on Facebook, my notifications don’t reach me in a timely manner, so I could set up a Chatbot and be able to easily have automated answers to frequently asked questions set up to help me stay on top of my messages. 

You can also do this with WhatsApp, but the automated Chatbot features in Facebook messenger have helped me the most. 

Client Calls

The second automation tool, which I thought was super cool, I haven’t had time to mess with it a whole lot, but I really want to.  One of the things you probably do on a regular basis is take client calls, and sometimes I record these calls using Zoom. But if you don’t record or don’t want to watch the recording, you can use a tool called Firefly to take notes for you. It basically transcribes the meeting for you, and at the end of the call with your client, you will have a transcription of the call.  

What could be better than that?  In my eyes, it is a definite win, and I will be using it more. 



The third way to automate your process is by using a Chatbot on your website. It’s a lot like Facebook, where you can set it up with some frequently asked questions and point them to specific pages on your website where they might get great answers, more information, or have the opportunity to sign up for a free consultation with you. If it is not a frequently asked question, then it will send it directly to you, so you can answer. 

This is a great way to utilize AI, and it isn’t limited to just your VA business. You can help introduce your clients to some of these helpful features. 

Emails and Copy

The fourth way to automate processes in your VA business is by using AI to improve your emails and copy. Sometimes I’m a great writer and love what I write, while other times I question what I’m doing, and my emails aren’t converting, so I begin to question my effectiveness. You can always use the AI tools we’ve talked about in the previous episodes, like ChatGPT, Jasper or Copywriter to improve your emails. You can tell it to help you improve this email for conversion. So give it a try!

If you’re trying to write copy, you can do the same thing. Maybe the copy is for your website. You can put it through the AI software to improve it. Not necessarily to do all the work for you, but to improve your work. I use a tool called Quillbot to help me find errors. Grammarly is another tool that will help you find grammatical and structural errors in your writing. 

Content Creation 

Finally, the fifth way to utilize AI for automating your business processes is to scale your content creation. In a recent blog post, I talked about listening to a Facebook Live by Brian Dixon where he showed us how to use ChatGPT as well as Canva to create a large amount of stories for Instagram. He used ChatGPT to create quotes and then created the images in bulk using Canva, and then all that’s left to do is schedule them out. This is a great way to scale your content creation with AI.

Just think about how this technology can help you not only in your own business but also in your clients’ businesses as well. It will help you automate the processes that you have and free up so much more time. 

I hope that if you have not read the previous blogs about AI, you will go back and take a look at them. We talked about what it is, how I use it in my business, and how you can use it in your business. We talked about the pros and cons of AI and ended with this week’s post, discussing ways to leverage AI to automate your virtual assistant business processes. 


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