Today we’re going to continue our series on multiple income streams or additional income streams, and we’re going to talk specifically about affiliate marketing. So, today’s episode is titled All About Affiliate Marketing. 


We’re going to three different questions about affiliate marketing. 


The first is, “What is affiliate marketing?”, the second is, “How to find affiliate programs?”,  and the third, is about “Ways to promote those affiliate programs?”  

So, let’s start with “What is affiliate marketing?”


Affiliate marketing is when you are promoting a product or service and you get a percentage or a flat rate if that product or service sells through your link or referral code.

There are therefore a huge number of affiliate programs, and you might not even be aware that some of your favorite goods or services have affiliate programs.

Referral programs may not always be actual affiliate programs because they may only offer discounts or allow you to accumulate points that you can use to purchase their products at a discount.

A genuine affiliate program will pay you either a flat rate commission of a certain proportion of the item’s cost or a percentage of the item’s cost as a percentage commission.

Additionally, affiliate schemes can have payouts of 5%, 30%, 50%, or even more on occasion.


How to find affiliate programs?

Find products that you are interested in. Mostly, I promote products or services that ii use myself and would genuinely recommend to others.

Affiliate programs you can be a part of as a VA are project management tools, graphic design tools, CRM tools, web hosting, or even E-mail marketing tools.

On the product’s website, scroll to the bottom of the page. Among the titles listed at the bottom, you will find the title affiliate or affiliate programs. Click on the title to gain more information about the program.


Ways to promote your affiliate links?

  • Freebies

As a virtual assistant coach, I offer freebies e.g Resources one can use as a virtual assistant. The resources that I list are services that I use myself as a VA and the affiliate links are embedded in the freebie.

  • Resource page on the website

On my website, I have a section titled resources. This is for people who are browsing my website to easily find access to the tools that I use as a virtual assistant and virtual assistant coach.

  • Blog posts

When writing blog posts about e.g:  email marketing or web hosting, it’s a good idea to attach your affiliate links to the tools mentioned for easy access for the reader while also earning income on the side

  • Curious clients

I have clients approach me, curious to know some of the tools I use e.g, web hosting. I usually send them more details about it via email while also attaching the affiliate link.



  • Not all affiliate links can be sent via email.
  • Make sure to disclose that the link provided is an affiliate link.
  • I am not an affiliate marketing expert, however, I have some intermediary knowledge on the topic. 


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