Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

And begin making a full-time income from home

You’ll learn everything I learned about running a profitable  Virtual Assistant Business that has allowed me to work from home for the past 15 years. 

understand that you love your kids, but you also enjoy working.  Now you can be a great mom and begin building a business that you love that will not only feed your soul, but also your bank account.  

  • I’ll teach you how to create and use systems that result in a successful and profitable virtual assistant business.
  • I’ll help you gain the confidence you need to choose a target market that you will enjoy working with on a daily basis.
  • I’ll help you set up professional policies and procedures that set your business apart from the rest.

I’ve Got Good News for You

It really is possible to stay at home with your children and make an income. You simply need the proper training that will catapult you forward to a successful Virtual Assistant Business.


Virtual Assistant Advantage Course

Get These Amazing Benefits
When You Join the
Virtual Assistant Advantage Course

8 Modules of Training

This 8 module training course has learn at your own pace modules for you to work through step by step.

Jumpstart Kit

You will gain access to the Virtual Assistant Jumpstart kit to help you start off on the right foot with clients.

Kingdom-Focused Business Insights

As a Christian business owner, I hope to provide you with Biblically-based business principles to apply to your life and business.

Includes a tracking worksheet and we discuss what you should and shouldn’t track in your business. Includes a step by step video as well.

Discussions for setting goals that you can reach as well as what is needed for a budget as a Virtual Assistant. This one includes both a worksheet and a spreadsheet for you!

Likely one of the most important topics we will discuss as all decisions hinge on this decision. Includes a worksheet and the 300 Ways to VA downloadable PDF.

This lesson focuses on what is needed to set up a website and choose a domain name. Includes checklists to help make this decision easier.

Marketing yourself as a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be difficult. Being involved on social media can make this easier. Includes a helpful worksheet.

One of the most important pieces of any business is customer service. You will want to get this right, which is why there is a whole lesson on the topic. This lesson includes a bonus – The Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Kit.

Pricing is one of the biggest decisons that virtual assistants make. This lesson helps you to find the right pricing for you, including a worksheet.

It really works

Here is what our students have to say

“Signing up for AVAA was one of the best investments that I could have possible made for my business and for myself. I had been helping people solve their online problems for quiet sometime, for free, and had no knowledge of the possibilities that having an online business could afford me. After signing up with AVAA, I immediately had the confidence, tools, and assistance that I needed to get started. I am so glad that I signed up for AVAA. Alyssa Avant is a great teacher. She helps through the Facebook group and tries to make sure that we are able to be successful. She is always doing something new to add more to what she provides and she is very faithful. It has been a blessing to connect with her professionally, but I have also been blessed as a woman. She has helped me to see that there is great value in the knowledge that I have and the work that I do. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to run their own business and needs to know where and how to get started.”

Makeda Rodriguez

“Within the first module of AVAA, the light bulb had clicked in my head. Some things seemed very simple, but I hadn’t connected those things with Virtual Assisting. Alyssa not only provides the modules in her course, but she gives personal help through her Facebook groups. Her modules are very easy to understand and if you have no idea where to start on building a website, her course will walk you through the process. You also get Alyssa’s knowledge from posts on her blog and webinars that she hosts. Not only was I able to get the business aspect of it, but I got a huge dose of inspiration too, because if she did it, I know I can do it too.”

Jess Lynn

“I learned how to get my business off to a good start. I learned that it is possible to make an income as a work at home mom. I also learned how to utilize social media which is where I landed my first client. Everyone now compliments me on my LinkedIn profile. I was at first able to go from full-time to part-time in my teaching job then I was able to quit it all together and exclusively work from home.”

Trisha Cordes
Virtual Assistant Course

It IS possible to be a great mom AND have a career you love!