In the last series, we talked about content repurposing. What it is, the types of content repurposing, the tools that you can use for content repurposing, and finally the services that you can provide in content repurposing as a virtual assistant.

Today I will be starting a new series on Potential Revenue Streams that you can use to earn extra income as a virtual assistant.

These are examples of potential revenue streams you can use to earn passive income:


1. Affiliate Marketing

I consider this one of the easiest ways to earn additional income. It’s one of the revenue streams that I personally use. I talk more about affiliate marketing in my next podcast and blog post.

2. Workshops

This is another revenue that I have but I have not been as successful with workshops.  You can hold workshops on niches that you are an expert in. Be it marketing, time management, or even bookkeeping.  I offered printables and a fill-in-the-blanks workbook alongside the workshop. The value is the most important thing.  I highly recommend undergoing training on how to conduct workshops. You can use platforms like Zoom and Webinar Jam to host your event.

3. Course

This is the area I am most successful. I offer a course called the How to Become a Virtual Assistant Course. You can create a live or self-paced course. The self-paced course is usually recorded and divided into modules. You can do it both ways. Choose what’s most applicable to you.

4. Templates

Templates can be related to your services. As a Virtual Assistant Coach, I offer templates for onboarding clients.  I call this my Virtual Assistant Jumpstart Kit.  

5. E-Books

You can create How To ebooks or write about a situation that you would like other people to take notes on or work on. It’s basically sharing your knowledge and experiences.

6.  Printables

There are many printables you can make for example planners, journals, lists, checklists, etc. You can use Canva to create the printables.


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