Welcome to another Virtual Assistant Advantage blog! This month we are talking about systems for your business.  Today, we will be talking about Marketing and Leads System for your virtual assistant business.


As a VA, it is important to continually be marketing your business and to have a way by which leads are coming into the business and having a way of keeping track of those leads, so forth and so on. There are going to be four things that we talk about in this post today in regards to these processes.

  1. Marketing Plan –

You want to have a concrete marketing plan for your business; a way by which you are going to find leads. Whether you’re doing that through email marketing, social media marketing, networking, and other means, you want to have a plan and you want to always be marketing. There are parts of the marketing plan that you can put on autopilot. You need to be active in engaging with potential clients and customers because that part is the relationship marketing factor.

2. A Way to Track Your Leads –

There are great systems out there; programs that you can use that will help you tremendously at tracking leads. One of these systems is Honeybook. I have just recently started to use Honeybook and it is a game-changer! Click HERE for the link. You can also use a simple spreadsheet or a Google extension; Streak CRM.  When you track your leads, you will be able to see a trend. You will be able to see where your marketing efforts are working. When someone signs up with you to have a free consultation, they have to choose an option for how they found you. When I go back to my lead tracker, I can see where the greatest majority of my leads are coming from.


3. Following Up in a Timely Manner- 

Another plug here for HoneyBook is that it has a feature that will help you to automate the follow-up process. When someone signs up to have a consultation with you, Honeybook will send them a form ( I have the “How I Work” form) that you can set up in your backend. This form will automatically be sent to your client for them to read before you have a meeting with them. You can have a follow-up email set up on Honeybook to be sent to the client after your call. If you don’t have Honeybook, then you can simply use another email system to set up a follow-up email. Always follow up with the potential client.


4. Track Your Leads- 

Stay on top of the leads that you have, because it is so much easier to convert a warm client rather than a cold one or new one. They are already in your funnel and they are already engaged with you. Remember, you are building a relationship with them.

Do you need more training or a group of other virtual assistants to connect with? My group, the VA Advantage Insiders, provides training from a variety of guest experts in different fields. I do have a Honeybook training from my friend Stacey who is a Honeybook expert. There is a small monthly fee to join, but it is so worth it with all of the support that you receive. Click HERE for the link to join.

Those are the four pieces to creating a marketing and leads system to use in your virtual assistant business. Next week, we will go over another system that you can implement in your business.


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