Today we will continue our discussion on content repurposing.  Last week we covered types of content repurposing you can offer as a virtual assistant. Today we will be discussing tools that make content repurposing a breeze.

Tools to Use for Content Repurposing


*Please be aware that the websites I will link to are affiliate links. You won’t be charged any extra for this, but I will receive a commission from them.

Below are some of the tools you can use for content repurposing:

1. Transcription Service

I have experience using both of these websites and their services are game changers.

This website offers you a plan that is completely free for up to 300 minutes/per month.

It uses AI technology to transcribe Audio/ Videos.

The downside is that it’s not 100% accurate, you will have to proofread to correct the minor details.

It highlights the word said and the word transcribed making it easy to identify mistakes.

It charges $1.50 per minute for Audio and Video Transcription.

An actual transcriber will work on your transcription thus accuracy will improve and also little to no cross-checking is required.


When converting blog posts into graphic creation, I highly recommend Canva. It’s a platform that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to use it. It has templates of a wide variety that transform you from confused to enlightened in terms of graphic design.

It has a free version however I recommend the Pro Version to enjoy Canva to its highest potential. The monthly fee is $12.99.

3.  Google Workspace

It’s an amazing tool in terms of documentation.  You can share the drive/ folder with your clients. You are able to keep your workspace organized. I use the paid Business Standard version since it provides 2TB of space and storage. It’s $12/ month.

4. Video Editor

When wanting to convert long-form videos into short forms perfect for Reels, Tiktok, or YouTube Shorts, I suggest using the tool, Wondershare Filmora, which is available for Windows.

I suggest getting the Perpetual Plan because it gives you access to Filmora for life!  Great deal at just $79.99.

5. Audacity

This platform has been a game-changer for me over the years. I actually use it to record my podcasts. It has free tutorials that assist you in terms of navigating the platform.


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