We are starting a new series on AI. Today, we will be discussing, “What is AI and How I Use it in my Virtual Assistant Business.”

Today, we are going to be talking about a very popular subject, and that is AI (artificial intelligence). Specifically, “What is AI and How I Use It in My Virtual Assistant Business.”

Is AI a New Concept?

Many people think AI is a new concept. However, that is not the case. Several months ago, I attended a webinar about using AI as a Christian business owner. Through that webinar and through my research, I realized that this is not a new concept, and in fact, most of us utilize AI daily, often without even realizing it. So, I want to start with a short history lesson because AI is a huge part of your life, whether you realize it or not.

How Long has AI Been Around?

I did a quick Google search and discovered that AI dates back to the 1950s, which proves it is not a new concept at all. In fact, if you are an 80s child like me, you may remember movies like “The Terminator” or TV series’ like “Battleship Galactica” and “Star Trek.” All these hinted at the idea of what artificial intelligence was and what it would look like in the future. But, in all honesty, Google itself is a form of artificial intelligence. Google can find a variety of topics and give us information about those topics. The search engine (brain) trains itself to find all these different topics. We utilize AI when we use Google, or any search engine for that matter. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram use AI. We use it so much already in our world.

Definition of AI

I found this definition on Oracle.com. AI has become a catchphrase for applications that perform complex tasks that once required human input. Such as communicating with customers online or playing chess.

If you have ever played a video game or a game on your phone against a computer or CPU, you were utilizing AI. Machine learning focuses on building systems that learn or improve performance based on the data that they consume. Not all AI is machine learning. To get the full value of AI, many companies are making significant investments in data science teams. Data science combines statistics, computer science, and business knowledge to extract value from various data sources.

Ways we Utilize AI

We utilize AI for lots of things. AI can be used for almost every business, function and industry. Using image recognition to analyze x-ray images to identify signs of cancer is a form of AI. Enterprises use AI to detect and deter security intrusions. AI has been used for many years, and maybe we just didn’t realize it.

AI Programs

Our focus in this series is going to be on AI programs that are fairly new. Many of these just came on the scene within the last year. One of those programs is ChatGPT. There are more programs like ChatGPT out there. Some other programs are Jasper, UChat, and Perplexity, just to name a few. ChatGPT has been dominating the headlines; however, there are other alternatives out there.

I am going to give you a brief explanation of what ChatGPT is. ChatGPT is a highly advanced artificial intelligence model that can interpret and utilize natural language for use in various types of applications.

What can ChatGPT be Used for?

You can use it for a variety of things. You can use ChatGPT for general text content in a wide variety of subject areas. You can use it to figure out solutions to problems and automate responses for chat bots. At one time, Facebook utilized this by allowing you to create a series of automated responses that you could use when someone messaged you on Facebook, and it would automate a response for you. This is referred to as a chat bot,” and it is a form of AI like ChatGPT. You can also use ChatGPT as a developer research tool to create landing pages and websites. You can use it as an SEO tool to assist in your keyword research for content creation. It helps developers with code by creating complex code.

Although there are other alternatives to ChatGPT, I have personally chosen to use it before discussing AI and how it can help the Virtual Assistant industry. I wanted to have some knowledge and experience with it. I didn’t want to recommend ways to use it or not use it, until I had tested it out in my own business.

How I Use AI in my Business

Throughout this series, we will dive deeper into this topic so you can learn specific ways to use it in your business. So far, I have used ChatGPT for research. Researching topics that my clients are experts in, but I don’t know a whole lot about. I have also used it to automate some of my social media posts. Sometimes I just don’t know what to say, and it can provide you with some great examples and ideas. I have even used it to create titles for this blog series. The last thing I used ChatGPT for was to find more content about a particular topic that I was blogging about when I ran out of ideas.

I have not used ChatGPT for anything a client is paying me to do. For instance, I have not used it to write a blog post that they were paying me to write or to create content that they were paying me to create. I have simply used it to assist me in creating better content for myself.

This is just scratching the surface of what AI is, how long it has been around, and how I have personally used it to assist me in my business. The next few posts in this series will dive deeper into specific topics related to AI. I hope you found this helpful, and I hope you come back to learn more about using AI in your business.

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