Welcome to another Virtual Assistant Advantage blog for Christian virtual assistants, the ministry leaders, business owners and bloggers who hire them. This month, we talked about Relationship Marketing and how to use it in your business. Today, we are wrapping up, and reviewing the Benefits to Relationship Marketing.


It is effective! There are 4 benefits of relationship marketing that I am going to go over with you today.

        1. It’s easier to generate more referrals to qualified leads.

If you build relationships, people will refer people to you and if you do a great job with the clients that you do have, they will refer others to you. This will trickle down and help you get many qualified leads. I attended events online and met so many people in my niche. As a result of attending events online, in person, and being part of an organization, I have had an avalanche of clients come in based on my relationships.

       2. Loyalty

Many times, as a result of your relationship with someone, they will be loyal to you and will more likely refer people to you.

       3.  You will better understand the needs of your customers

You will know your customers in their business and will be able to speak up to them about how you can help them further. You will grow with them in their business and will be able to provide more services to them as time goes on.

      4. You will stand out from others

If someone asks a trusted friend or colleague who to use, and you have a relationship with that person, then you will most likely get a referral. Word of mouth is huge and will benefit you and your business!

Relationship marketing is timeless and will always work. I hope this helps you. Next month, we will talk about systems, so make sure to visit the blog to learn more about systems to use in your business.


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