Last week in the podcast, we talked about Areas of Your Business to Streamline. This week, we are going to be talking about Streamlining Your Content Marketing.

Streamlining Your Content Marketing

Not only can you do this for yourself, but you can also provide this as a service for your clients! I have been doing this for my clients and it helps them to be more organized. So, let’s jump in!

1.) You want to start with 1 piece of content.

You need to be able to stay consistent. Start with an audio or video. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok have reels and stories that you can post once weekly. Then, you will break down the content and repurpose it. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Here is a bonus secret that I will share with you; I have a notebook that I use. In it is my schedule for the podcast. Each week, I will write the episode number and title. I write down a rough draft or outline. This helps me to start with writing a script for the podcast. Audio and Video are very hot right now in the online world, so remember to stick to this type of content.

2.) Written Content

Now, you want to turn this video or podcast into a blog or some type of written content. In order to do this, you first want to get a transcription of your podcast or video. You can use a program (there are a few free programs and a few paid programs out there), or you can hire someone to listen to your video/podcast, and manually transcribe it for you. Now that you have the transcription, you can create the written content. One of the ways in which I repurpose my podcast is I also hire an Intern or VA to transcribe my podcast for me and then turn it into a blog on my website. In fact, this written content that you are reading comes straight from my weekly podcast. I just repurposed it. See how easy that was?

3.) Turn content into a Social Media Post

Think of how many ways you can turn your 1 piece of content into social media postings. You can write this down to brainstorm, or you can use a program that will help you do this.  The program that I know of is Post Planner. It will allow you to duplicate or repurpose your post. It will share it again 4 or 6 weeks later. You can create a schedule to repurpose these posts. Whatever you decide to use to help with posting for social media, don’t be afraid to re-share your older posts. Someone new may see it!

These are all tips on how to streamline your content marketing. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to me, and I will answer them on next week’s podcast or I can create a whole new episode on your topic/question. Thank you for stopping by to read the new blog post! Next week, we are going to talk about the Tools that you can use for streamlining your business.


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