Welcome to another blog of the Virtual Assistant Advantage. Last week, we talked about what relationship marketing is and some elements that are included. Today, we are going to talk about how you can implement this in your business. This content can be used whether you are a business owner, ministry leader, or blogger. Relationship marketing can be used in any business. I will share with you how I use this in my own business.

5 Ways to Use Relationship Marketing in Your Business

1. Create loyal clients

It is so much easier to have repeat clients in your business than trying to build a relationship with a cold lead. If you can use relationship marketing in your business, that will pay off so much more! I have gotten to know my clients so well, that I can find different ways to help their businesses.

2.  Create relationships through email marketing

This usually starts with a free offer, but after the free offer and they have been through the nurture sequence, it’s important that you stay in communication with them consistently. I usually send out a weekly newsletter.

3. Perform proper follow-up

If you have a lead that shows up in your system, create something that works for you. Do not ghost a lead! If you have a discovery call with a potential client, but they don’t sign up with you right away, it’s ok. People get busy and sometimes need to be reminded to follow up with you! You will be surprised by how many clients you get just from follow-up.

4. Ask for feedback

Use the feedback that you get to improve your business. On a consistent basis, I like to follow up with the clients in my training program to make sure that the training that I give them is helpful to them. You can always ask for feedback from your clients to make sure that goals are being met.

5. Pick up the phone

Actually have a conversation with your client. Pick up the phone or have a zoom call with them. It helps to build relationships with them. You can get to know them and even get to know more about their business. People appreciate being able to speak with you.


Write thank-you notes

People really appreciate written notes. It means that you took your time and you thought of them. I do this often in my business.


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