Today I would like to share with you another Virtual Assistant Success story from one of my students.  I will let her tell you her story.

Hey! My name is Cheryl Reindl and I live in the Midwest. I love God and family and life! I am a servant to people. I especially love serving people as a virtual assistant. I am having so much fun!! How can I help you and make your life/business run smoother?

Cheryl’s Virtual Assistant Success Story

Where were you in your life and business when you started working with me?

About 8 weeks before getting set up with you, I had decided to become a VA. My children were all going to be in school in the fall, and it seemed like a perfect fit for me to still be at home and available for my children, but bringing in a little money as well. I had been researching for weeks and really just didn’t know where to pull the trigger. So many things seemed like a scam or overpaying for a product. But you were a live person, recommended by a very trusted friend. The possibility of an internship popped up, and then that turned into a class. It was perfect.

How did I help you?

I absolutely loved the one-on-one. Being a VA has a very wide range of skills and areas of expertise. You were able to answer questions specifically related to my exact situation. You helped narrow down my focus of skills and gave me the courage to make things happen. The homework allowed me to be accountable to someone to keep plugging along. The VA groups were private and so very helpful and incredibly encouraging. I felt I had a whole family behind me, answering questions and cheering me on. Those moments when things are so overwhelmed and you just want to give up… Alyssa was there to encourage me and help me get out of my stuck situation. Her faith in me saved my business and gave me real hope.

Where are you as a result of my help?

Today I have a successful VA business, mostly helping people with bookkeeping. I have found and gained a skill that can be rather difficult for some people. I am steadily growing my client base and I am very busy with my workload. I also handle small social marketing jobs on the sidelines to fill in a few gaps. Not only do I get to add to my VA profile that I completed AVAA, but Alyssa’s recommendation has led me to numerous leads and clients. It’s great to be in several VA circles, but AVAA is a definite must to add to your VA resume! I absolutely know without this program I would not have proceeded with my business! Thanks so much, Alyssa, for everything!!

You can find Cheryl at

Cheryl is a graduate of the Virtual Assistant Advantage Academy’s Become a Virtual Assistant Course – Learn more here.

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