It is a new month. Last month, we talked about Relationship Marketing and how to use it in your business. This month is all about systems. Today, we are talking about what systems are and why you need them. If there was one thing that you needed to focus on in your business, it is Systems! They save you time and money. Plus, you will be able to keep up with the clients that you have.




What are systems? 

Systems are a method of getting things done. They lay out step-by-step instructions for how you are going to do things in your business. Systems can include templates, checklists, flow charts, and visual step-by-step directions. They are essentially a blueprint for the methods in your business.

I am going to give you a list of systems that I use in my business that save me time.

  1. Client Intake System
  2. Payment Intake System
  3. Policies and Procedures
  4. Income and Expense Tracking System
  5. Tasks and Procedures
  6. Client Relation Procedures
  7. Marketing Strategies

These are all systems that help my business run smoothly. Over the next few weeks on the blog, we will talk about these different systems and what needs to be included in each of them.

Why do you need these systems?

You can achieve more when you have systems. Sometimes, you can even automate the system with technology and you won’t have to spend much time on that specific area in your business! It also helps you to be consistent. Consistency is key to retaining clients. If you do the same things, then you will be able to give your clients the same quality of service every month. It also helps to set clear expectations.

You will also be able to scale! You can grow your business faster. Having systems in place will allow you to outsource the work to someone else, like a virtual assistant. It also streamlines your business. You can keep track of things when every step is written down. You will also not need to micromanage your team. They will know your process because you have it written down and were able to have them review it.

How do you set up a system? I am going to go over quickly how to do that:

  1.  Decide what your objective is. What do you want to accomplish with this system?
  2.  Then, you will break it down into steps. Make this breakdown as detailed as possible. Have someone who is not part of your business read it and see if they understand it.

I hope this has been helpful for you, and make sure to read the blog next week when we break systems down even more.


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