I can’t believe that it is almost 2022! This is an exciting time of year, especially if you are a goal setter like me! I love to set goals, track my goals, and celebrate success within those goals. Of course, you can not have success until you set your own goals, create a plan for them, and actually work your plan.

What are some things that you need to do as a VA  when setting goals for the new year?

There are 4 steps to consider when setting goals for the new year. These steps will help you to be successful in your business for this upcoming year of 2022 and will also leave you with some clarity on where your business stands right now.

  1.  Complete a Year-End Review

Hopefully, you have ways that you have been tracking the different paces of your business like; tracking your income, tracking your leads, how many of those leads turned into paying clients, and your social media analytics. Review all of these things and see what is working and what isn’t working in your business so you have a more successful 2022!

2. Evaluate Your Rates

Evaluate your rates and see where you are in your business as far as income. Do you need to raise your hourly rate? Do you need to change to Packages vs. Hourly? This is a great time of year to do this because your clients are expecting this change at the beginning of a new year.

3. Evaluate Your Skills

This is a great time to look over the skills that you already have and think about new skills that you could acquire. Let’s face it, technology and social media are changing all of the time! There may be some new things to learn in this field that will help your business grow. Or, maybe you are looking to add on another service. Invest in yourself and learn a new skill. There are so many different options out there! You can’t grow yourself professionally unless you also grow yourself personally. This is a great time of year to do reflect on this.

4. Find Accountability

Goal setting is wonderful, but sometimes, it can be hard to stick to them without some accountability. Find an accountability group. Find professionals online in your groups that you are part of and start your own accountability group. I had one years ago; I gathered up people that I knew and we held each other accountable for our 12 Week Gear. You can find people online or in your own community.


So, I encourage you to do a Year-End Review, look at your numbers and see if you are financially where you would like to be in your business. Then you can Evaluate Your Rates, and Evaluate Your Skills, and finally, find an Accountability Partner. I have seen this work in my own business and I know that this will help you in yours.

Have a great time setting goals for the new year!


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What a VA Needs to do When Setting Goals to be Successful Next Year

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