In this week’s episode, we are talking about mindset.  Do you have a negative mindset?  This episode’s Tips for Improving Your Mindset will help you to change your thoughts so you can in turn change your life.

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Tips for Improving Your Mindset

There are 2 definitions for mindset in Webster’s dictionary.  The first is “a mental attitude or inclination” while the second is “a fixed state of mind”.  In essence, mindset has quite a lot to do with your thoughts.  In turn, your thoughts have a lot to do with your actions.

Our thoughts become our actions.  So, if we want to change our actions we may need to examine our thought life and work on changing our thoughts.

What are some thoughts we have, or type of mindset, that may be hindering our business?

  1. Imposter Syndrome:  Ever hear of that?  It is very common in business.  Are you thinking things like “What makes me think I am good enough to do this?” or “I can’t do this, I have no idea how!” or “They are so much better at this than I am. How could I ever do as good as them? I’ll never reach that level of success.”  If you are having these types of thoughts you just may be suffering from Imposter Syndrome.
  2. “I am NEVER going to learn this!”
  3. “Things will never change.” or “I will never be able to figure this out!” (This is a common one for newbies just starting out in business.  I know I was guilty of this.)
  4. Poverty Mindset:  (another really common one) Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to other business owners, thinking that you are inadequate or incapable?  Do you think that you’re a magnet for failure or lacking in resources?  You may have a Poverty Mindset

Many times people that they are unworthy of being successful in what they are trying to do.  By having thoughts like those above we are, whether consciously or subconsciously, self-sabotaging ourselves.

Your mindset plays a major factor in the success of your business. What kind of mindset do you have?  Are your thoughts more negative or more positive and, how are those thoughts affecting your life and/or business?

Think of it this way:  Garbage in –> Garbage out and Positivity in –> Positivity out

It isn’t enough to recognize your negative mindset and tell yourself “I want to stop thinking like that.”  You have to take the action on seeing your negative thoughts and changing them into positivity.  For example, if you find yourself thinking something along the lines of  “I don’t have the resources to even start this business much less become successful at it.” change that thought into “God gives me all of the resources I need when I need them.” Here’s another example: Change “I don’t know how to do any of this!” to something like “No, I don’t know how to do this now but, I will learn how!”

Mindset is all about retraining your thought life and your thoughts in a way that will help you to grow and move forward both in your life and in your business.

Remember, your negative thoughts can become your actions.  Change your thoughts in order to change your life and your business.


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