We are continuing our series on “Is becoming a virtual assistant right for you?” by answering some questions. Today we answer the last question in our series, What Skills Do You Need to Become a Virtual Assistant?”

What Sills Do You Need to Become a Virtual Assistant

Before we dive into today’s topic, I’d like to mention that, in November, I did an entire series on the skills needed for different virtual assistant niches beginning with Podcast Virtual Assistant with Jenn Uren and Kelly VanHoveIn.. I would highly recommend checking out that series. I think those would be super helpful for you.  

Today, we’re going to discuss some skills that are relevant to all virtual assistants. The first of those would be communication skills

Most of your business will be conducted via email, phone, and videoconferencing. A virtual assistant will need to have strong communication skills. This includes communicating with your client and anyone else you work with on their behalf, such as other virtual assistants or potential new clients.

As a virtual assistant, you will need to have strong communication skills. This includes communicating with your client and anyone else you work with on their behalf, such as other virtual assistants or potential clients. Communication is going to be an important skill for you to develop. You will need to be able to write and speak effectively and confidently. Over time, you can grow in this area as you nurture that skill. You can take courses on copywriting, read books about communicating more effectively and practice your skills in various situations. This is a definite need for this industry. 

A second tip is time management. Time management is something that we never really perfect, but it’s something that we can always improve upon. But it will be of utmost importance that you know how to manage your time as a virtual assistant. To succeed in this industry, you must be able to manage your time and balance the many things that will be on your plate as a virtual assistant.

Having all of the answers up front is unnecessary, but it helps to be willing to learn as you go. You can learn many things along the way, regardless of your skill level at the start.

And the third important area is organization. This has many different aspects, and you will need to know how to organize your work, how to organize your business itself, and client management. You will want to find a good work-life balance. Keep in mind that this is also a skill that can be developed and improved with time and practice.

When I started my business fifteen years ago, I was not as organized as I am now. Over the years, I have learned how to implement different tools, resources, and ideas that have helped me become more organized. In my business, I have implemented systems that allow me to be more productive by staying on task and tracking what needs to be done.

There are several different episodes on The Virtual Assistant podcast about systems because I believe that they are an organizational element of your business that can help you make it more successful and streamline your business. As I say, systems have been “a saving grace” in my business. Let’s face it, we often fail to remember everything. But if you have a system by which to follow, it will help you remember things you might otherwise forget. 

Finally, as you know, there are probably numerous, maybe even an endless list of skills I could share with you that are needed to become a successful virtual assistant. However, it will vary from nation to nation based on what you are offering your services. Therefore, above all, be willing to learn new skills. 

If you have listened to any number of my podcast, you have heard me say this before: I believe that you should continuously be learning.” Being a VA is a lot like being a teacher; you need to continue your education and add to your skills and knowledge. This will help you expand your knowledge and better serve your clients.

In addition, I believe that adding to your skill set and willingness to offer new services will help you gain more clients.

Having the skills we’ve discussed- communication, time management, and organization- and a willingness to go the extra mile and learn something new is important. In my business, I often learn new programs or skills in order to serve my clients. And it has always paid off because I have then been able to offer that service to other clients and increase my income by offering additional services. So, always be willing to learn. 

This completes our series on Is becoming a virtual assistant right for you?” I hope this information has been helpful and led you to decide whether becoming a virtual assistant is right for you. If you are interested, I invite you to visit the Virtual Assistant Advantage website at virtualassistantadvantage.com, where you can learn more about my Become a Virtual Assistant course. Many of the women who have completed the course have been practicing their business for years as a result. 

I’ll return next week with a new series to help you build the successful virtual assistant business you deserve.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to help.

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