Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Advantage blog! Last week we discussed Why Streamline Your Business.  Today, we are specifically going to talk about Areas of your business to streamline.

areas of your business to streamline

I have 4 areas that I recommend beginning with:

1.) Client/Lead Process

As part of your business, you are going to have the need for new clients on a regular basis. No matter how you are getting your leads, you need to have a way of tracking them and a process that a lead goes through to become your client. You need to set up the way in which a lead contacts you, meets with you, and signs with you. This will be the most profitable area of your business to streamline.

2.) Task Management

Tasks can be really stressful if you don’t have a good process in managing your tasks. You need a process in which you manage these tasks. Asana is a great project management tool! But, having this tool is not the only way to guarantee you success. You have to have a way/process of collecting the tasks from your client first. Maybe you meet monthly with your client or talk with them on the phone, or maybe your client emails you a list of the tasks needed. Either way, you have to set up this process if you want to be successful.

3.) Invoicing/Finances

Not everyone enjoys numbers! I don’t. But, in order to help this area of my business, I streamlined it. There are 2 tools that I use. I use QuickBooks Self Employed (bookkeeping) and I use FreshBooks (invoicing). Both have automated pieces. Stay on top of tracking and don’t get behind. You want to know what your profit is.

4.) Tracking & Reports

I met with my accountability partners over the past couple of weeks, and we broke our goals down into manageable action steps. So now, I have to track these action steps in order to see if I am making progress towards my goals. You need to have reports for things that you are tracking. I love spreadsheets; Google Sheets. I use Google Sheets to track new members of my free Virtual Assistant Advantage Facebook Group and my Podcast. I have goals for both my group and podcast, so having a report is helping me to see what I need to do to reach my goal.


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Areas of Business to Streamline


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