Today we are talking about the types of goals to set. This is the third in the series for the month of December on goal setting. 

So, we’ve been talking about goal setting over the past few weeks. Goal setting is absolutely one of my favorite topics. And today we are going to talk about the types of goals you set.

I know this is a topic that almost everyone has an opinion on, but as a business owner, I wanted to share with you the types of goals that I currently set in my business and my life. I’ve always felt that it’s’ important to set goals. However, when you’re a business owner, especially if you work from home, it’s hard to not have these goals of your personal life and your business life mesh together. And that’s okay! Many people would probably have a completely different opinion on that, but when you begin to set your goals, you want to think about areas in both your life and business. For me, these two things very much mesh together.

So we’re going to focus on these top three areas that I recommend  you set goals in. I will also go over my 2023 goals in these areas. 

The first is the Financial Goal; a monetary goal for your business; because I believe that without a target, you don’t know what you’re striving towards. So how much money do you want to make or desire to make in your business?

Area number two is Personal Development. This might include how many books you want to read, how many podcasts you want to listen to, what courses you want to take, what coaching programs you want to join, or what events you want to attend.

Area number three is your Spiritual Goals. These are goals to help you grow in your relationship with Christ and how you will be sure to make God a part of your business. So for me, this is making sure I have a daily quiet time, including prayer and Bible study, and making sure that I read my Bible. For me, church is an established thing in my life, but for some people, their goal may be to attend church services or to join a small group or bible study.  

And then, two extra areas that you could consider setting goals in would be your Relationships and your Physical Fitness. I, personally, am going to set a relationship goal. I would like to do more date nights with my husband. 

Those are the five main areas that I’ve considered setting goals in. Obviously, you can set goals in different areas. You have probably heard the Smart Goal Method many times over. Smart goals are really important because you want to be able to attain these goals and you have to know what you’re aiming for, even with your goals in and of themselves.

A SMART Goal is a Specific target you want to reach. So, it can be a monthly income goal, or, a quarterly income goal. I am doing the 12 Week Year,  in which I’m doing quarterly goals rather than yearly goals.

Even if you start with a yearly amount and you break it down into smaller chunks, that’s ok. Second, a SMART Goal has to be Measurable, meaning that your goal is quantifying. It makes it easier to track your success. And thirdly, it has to be achievable. 

Sometimes we need a serious reality check! When I was in a mastermind years ago, a lady who was brand new to business came and shared her goals. With some of the things that she said, I knew that it would be very difficult in what she was wanting to do to make the amount of income that she was sharing that she wanted to make. They were not achievable or realistic. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure.

Letter four in the SMART Goals is the letter R. It stands for Relevant, in the big picture. How does it move the needle forward for you or your business? And then the fifth letter is the letter T, standing for Time-Bound. You have to set an ending point, a time when you’re going to hit that goal. And if you’ve listened to the previous episodes, you’ll know that the reason why I’m doing quarterly or 12-week goals has a lot to do with this time, this idea of being time-bound and procrastinating. If you were to set a yearly goal, it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re looking to do.

I will share some of my goals in the next blog post, which is going to be about How to Stay Accountable for Your Goals and I will give you some pointers and tips on that as well. I wanted to share with you that I do have the Goal Getter Jumpstart Kit. It is absolutely free and you can get it with this link here. It walks you through all four of the blogs for December that talk about Goal Setting. They are videos that I filmed a couple of years ago. They are the same topics and the same ideas, and it talks about the 12-week year, which I absolutely love.

I hope you’ll go check that out because it could help you in your goal-setting for 2023. So thank you so much again for reading this post and I will be back with you soon. Happy New Year! 


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