Today we are finishing out the series on Goal Setting for the month of December. We’re going to talk about how to track your goals and stay accountable to them. So we’ve been talking about this all month and in previous weeks I’ve talked about having accountability and having a way to track your goals, which is what is going to help you achieve them. I want to share with you a few of the ways that I track my goal setting and my accomplishments; the tactics, the actions, and the steps that you will take to achieve your goals. And this is, again, all part of the 12 Week Year, which I highly recommend and I’ll link it here shortly.

Here are some of the ways that I track my goals.

Number one, you’ve got to write them down.  For me, many things in my life, no matter if it’s tangible something you can touch or it is something abstract like goals. I am very much an out-of-sight, out-of-mind person. So if I put my vitamins, for instance, away in a cabinet, I would forget to take them. If I don’t write down my goals and post them where I can see them on a regular basis, I will forget to do the actions that it takes. If I don’t write down my to-do list or use tracking software, I will forget to do those things. That is just part of who I am.

I highly recommend writing down your goals. I’m always surprised when I talk to someone that says they have goals, but they cannot even verbalize what those are. So written goals are the way to go.

The second thing is to put them in a place where you can see them regularly. Like I just said, in the past, I’ve used a whiteboard. I think this year I’m actually going to do something a little bit different, and I am going to create an image that I can use as a background on my computer screen, on my phone, on my Kindle, all those things. All the things to keep right in front of me at all times.

And then thirdly, share them with other people.  This will give you a sense of accountability and that’s where the accountability piece comes into play. But whether that be your mastermind group, an accountability group, or a partner, having someone to hold you accountable will spur you on to achieve more of your goals they can check in with you on a regular basis and you can with them this year.

As a part of doing the 12 Week Year and quarterly goals, I have connected with a woman that has been an accountability partner for me in the past. She’s been in accountability groups with me in the past and since we know how each other works, we are actually going to do a Voxer accountability thread this year, and we’re going to vox each other weekly and check in on Mondays. She and I have been talking over Voxer over the past week or so about our goal-setting process and how we’re going to track our goals this year. If you’ve been listening to the last few episodes, I purchased a habit tracker spreadsheet that I absolutely love the concept of. I’ve not used it yet because I’ll begin that process on January 1st,  but it has places to track the habits or action steps that you need to take each day, week, month, and year. And so, that’s what I’ll be doing and she and I will be sharing our progress with each other.

An accountability partner is key to your success in keeping your goals. Now I know that some of you have shown interest in what my specific goals are, so I thought for the last part of this post, I would share with you my goals for 2023 and a fun and exciting thing that’s going to be coming up that you might be interested in.

And, here is the link to the 12 Week Year that I promised. Check it out here!

So, here are my goals for 2023.

I have a very large income goal. I’m not sharing the amount, but I do have an income goal. I actually was able to surpass my income goal for 2022, which is exciting! So this year I’m kind of stretching myself and set a goal. That’s actually about $18,000 more than my goal for 2022. I did not meet my goal in 2021. I missed my income goal by $70 in 2021. So, I don’t meet it every year and I definitely don’t surpass it every year, just to let you know that. So I am increasing my goal by about 18,000 for 2023.

I am going to have a reading goal to read 12 books. Again, I did not meet my reading goal for 2022. My goal was to read 12 books in 2022. I read six books and then I have a goal to create content consistently, and I am working on a plan to make that happen. So, plan out and consistently post five days a week in my Facebook group and also over on Instagram. And those are the two platforms that I plan to focus on for 2023. I want to grow my email list. I would actually really like to double my email list. It is sitting at about 327 people I also want to double the size of my Facebook group, the Virtual Assistant Advantage. So those are my goals.

I think striving for five goals is a great number. I have one more kind of personal goal.  I would like to do date nights once a quarter with my husband because we have not made that a priority and I would like to do that.

The last thing that I wanted to share with you that’s exciting is this past month,I had someone who took my course, Become a Virtual Assistant course, and then reached out to me about one-on-one coaching. She asked if I had VIP coaching so that she could do some one-on-one time with me. So I told her, yes, but I did not have it live on my site. And she said if I did that she would purchase it. So I told her I could make it and therefore I did, she purchased it and we did the call this past week. Y’all, I don’t know why I haven’t made that available recently, but it’s coming back.

VIP coaching is coming back to the virtual assistant advantage! I am going to be offering it as a VIP coaching session in a 90-minute session, but I am considering offering some other levels of coaching; one-on-one and group coaching, and I will be talking to my coach about that.  I’m so excited about this for 2023.

So thanks once again for reading another blog post and good things are coming our way in 2023. Happy New Year!


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