Last week, we had an amazing guest who gave us an in-depth discussion on Content Pillars.

This post will pick up from there as they are interconnected and related. How do you stay consistent with content creation?

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t need to be on every social media platform.

The more places you have to show up the harder it will be to stay consistent.

Here are ways to remain consistent with your content creation: 

1. Create your content pillars.

We had an in-depth discussion about this in my last podcast.

If you weren’t able to listen, check it out here.

2. Make a plan.

It might similar to having a content pillar, however content pillars are just a guide. You will have to plan out the content that will fall under the pillars. I use a spreadsheet to make my plan, but you can also use Trello, notepad, or even a google calendar.

3. Work the plan.

This might sound like the easiest step but it’s actually the hardest. Sit down, create the content inclusive of captions and schedule it or have it ready if you prefer posting on the go. Try your best to execute this step.

4. Don’t give up

Social media requires one to remain consistent. You might see your competitors’ miles ahead of you but remember they had to start somewhere. When you fail to execute step 3 you can easily break step 4. Social media requires you to go at your pace. Don’t expect to see results immediately because if you do, you can easily give up when you fail to achieve the unrealistic goal you had set for yourself.


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