Last week we discussed all things affiliate marketing. I shared tips and tricks on affiliate marketing, choosing which affiliate platform you would like to be a part of, and promoting.

This week we will discuss workshops which is another potential revenue stream.


You can create a workshop to promote and sell your business.

I will be sharing with you 8 steps on how to go about creating workshops.

1. Pick a topic

Choose a topic you are an expert in. The best type of workshop to host is a how-to workshop. This is where you can show steps your audience can take on a particular topic. The modules in the Virtual Assistant Course can easily be a workshop each module individually since they are informative on the how-to steps.

2. Create a worksheet/workbook

Create a fill-in-blank worksheet/checklist which your audience can access so that they can assess what they have learned in the workshop. This type of worksheet ups the value of the workshop.

3. Slides/ talking head

I personally share my screen during a workshop using Zoom.  At the top right-hand side of the screen, there is a small box with my profile picture. This is my go-to method for workshops as I am able to show a live hand on experience on the topic I’m talking about. You can also share slides if you don’t prefer screen sharing. Make sure the slides are easy to consume for your audience

4. Hosting the workshop

Live workshops are the audience’s most preferred type. This is because they are able to interact with the host by asking questions, and sharing thoughts and criticisms.

5. Create a signup page

A signup page is quite important. This will enable you to build up your subscriptions while they are filling in information for the workshop. It helps with client acquisition and retention.

6. Sell your workshop

Don’t forget to sell your workshop. Workshops often range from $27 to $97. The time of the workshop varies from 30min – 90min. Find the price range that suits the time and value provided in the workshop.

7. Record

When hosting a live workshop don’t forget to record it. This will be valuable in the future as you can share the recording with those who missed the workshop but had paid for it. You can also sell the recording at a lower price than the live workshop for those interested

8. Rinse and repeat

With all the steps above you can redo it all over again when planning to host another workshop. The steps will be great guidelines to follow especially if you’re a little bit rusty.


I also would like to share an incredible resource that I highly recommend called Mini Workshop Magic which will help teach you to create workshops.

The above link is an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission if you purchase Mini Workshop Magic through my link.


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