Welcome to another Virtual Assistant Advantage blog, the blog for virtual assistants and the business owners, ministry leaders, and bloggers who hire them. Today, we are starting a brand new month, which means that we have a new topic. Our topic for this month is Content Repurposing!

In this blog, you are going to learn what content repurposing is and the top 10 benefits to content repurposing. Let’s get started!


What is Content Repurposing?

First of all, content repurposing is simply taking content and reusing it somewhere else. This content can be videos, audio, social media, blog posts, PDFs, webinars, etc… Keep this in mind when creating content, and plan to use this content within your marketing.

Top 10 Benefits
  1. When you focus on producing one piece of content, you are likely to produce a better piece of work than you would if you had divided your efforts and attention to produce multiple pieces of content for multiple platforms.  It can be extremely overwhelming to think of having to come up with several pieces of content for the various platforms that you use. For example, this blog is a high-level piece of content that I break down into multiple pieces to share in several places.
  2. Content repurposing enables you to achieve multiple goals. Most likely, you have goals for your different platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc… Repurposing allows you to actually do all of those things without getting overwhelmed.
  3. It maximizes your time and effort. You are able to achieve more with less work and who doesn’t want to do this? Am I right? Like the famous saying; “Work smarter, not harder”.
  4. It expands your reach! Content repurposing increases your online presence because you are able to share your content in multiple places to a wider audience.
  5. It takes advantage of what is working. Here is a little tip; if you don’t have Google Analytics, you need to install it right now! One of its features will allow you to see what piece of content is the most popular piece across the platforms that you use. If you don’t have Google Analytics, you can use the statistics on your social media channel to pinpoint your most popular piece of content. Whatever that content is, you can repurpose it.
  6. It reinforces your message. If you have multiple pieces on this specific content, you are going to position yourself as an expert on that subject. This also helps your message be consistent.
  7. Content repurposing helps you avoid writer’s block. Have you ever sat down at your computer screen, having no clue as to what you want to post about? I know I have before I started repurposing. When you already have one piece of content, it makes it so much easier to create multiple pieces. You have a starting point.
  8. It saves you time and money. If you are getting paid for client work, and you are having to spend more time on creating consistent content instead of working on the work that pays you well, then you are losing money and time!
  9. Content repurposing improves your SEO! Because you are using the same message or subject, you are more than likely using the same keywords across multiple platforms and it all points back to your website. Now, you are going to be found for those search terms a lot easier.

I hope that this blog helped you to understand what content repurposing is and the benefits of using it. We will continue throughout the month to talk about Content Repurposing. So, make sure to come back next week for some tips and tricks.  


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