Welcome to February! Today we are starting a new series; How to Get Clients. I am going to answer the question; Can you get clients via social media? The answer is yes you can!

Where on social media can you find them?


Facebook Groups

Where is your target market hanging out? The best way to do this is to search groups specific to your target market. Examples are; direct sales, women entrepreneurs, Christian professionals, etc… There are some unwritten rules in these Facebook groups. The most important one is to be involved in your groups. Don’t be a “lurker”. Respond to comments and give your expertise frequently.


This is a very different platform than Facebook. This is a professional network. There are groups on LinkedIn, but you can also just optimize your profile to find clients. For example, on my profile, I titled myself a Christian Virtual Assistant. That way, when a business owner is looking for a Christian Virtual Assistant, they can find me. I do have my free 7 Day LinkedIn Challenge. Sign up by clicking here! You can learn exactly how I optimize my LinkedIn profile to find clients. You will also learn how to reach out and make connections with future clients.

Establish Yourself as an Expert on Social Media

You can really hone in on your expertise and optimize your social media with this niche. Market yourself with your chosen niche. My area of expertise is with Authors, Speakers, and Coaches. Most of the things that I do in this niche are helping them launch programs, social media, email marketing, etc….. It is so much better to specialize than be “everything”. You will catch more professionals this way. The way that you can do this is to answer questions on groups, or whatever social media platform that you use. You can do reels, or “go live” on social media. The other thing that you can do is to do a Story. This can be a snippet on your life as a VA or a snippet of expertise. The more that you do this, the more that you will grow in your business.

Thank you for reading today’s blog! Stop by next week for more ideas on how to get clients.


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