Hello everyone! Today, we are going to talk about the types of goals that you should set. Last week, we talked about what a VA needs to do when setting goals for the new year in order to be successful. This month has been all about goal setting and I hope that you are looking forward to a clean slate and a new year.

There are different ways to set goals. I am going to tell you the types of goals that I currently set in my business, but also in my life because I believe that your life and your business should mesh in some way. So, when you set your goals, you should think about the areas that you want to focus on. There are three areas that I choose to set my goals in and I highly recommend that you set yours in.

1.) Set a Monetary Goal

Without a target, you don’t know what you are striving towards. Make sure that you are also setting your yearly goal, monthly goal, and weekly goal. By doing this, you are breaking your goals down into manageable pieces. This will allow you to see your progress.

2.) Personal Development

This can include the types of books that you want to read, podcasts that you want to listen to, courses that you want to take, events that you would like to attend, and any areas in your business where you might need to hire out (maybe you need a business coach). Write these goals down so you can go back and refer to them often. I have a passion planner, and in the back of this planner is a bunch of blank pages. I use these pages to write down these goals. I also write my word for the year and all podcasts I’ve listened to, books I’ve read.

3.) Spiritual Goals

These goals can go hand in hand with your business. Setting these clearly will help you to see how God can be a part of your business. Include prayer, bible study, bible readings, etc… Within these goals, you can also focus on the personal relationships that you have. This can be a relationship that you have with your spouse, children, friends, and family. Another bonus area would be physical goals. This could include overall wellness.

Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish. So, I encourage you to create a plan to achieve these goals for this upcoming year.

Have a great time setting goals for the new year!


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Types of Goals to Set

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