Happy New Year, 2022! In last week’s podcast, we talked about Staying Accountable to Your Goals. Today we are going to be talking about streamlining your business. What does streamlining mean you may ask? It simply means making the processes and tasks in your business easier by creating a system to get things done.




I have 4 reasons today why you should Streamline your VA Business.


1.) It Makes Things Easier

Why reinvent the wheel? It makes the process harder. You have the opportunity to make it easier on yourself. Many people call these processes SOP’s or Standard Operating Procedures.

2.) Helps you to Stay Organized

You won’t always have to be looking for things such as files, passwords, pictures, etc… For example, I use a program called LastPass. It is a lifesaver when keeping up with passwords online! It is also encrypted, so very secure. You can have many clients set up in LastPass with their passwords, and this program organizes it all for you!

3.) Allows You to Get More Leads

What does getting leads have to do with streamlining your business? An area of your business that you can work to streamline that will help you with monetization is your Client Lead Process. It helps to have a process for when a client wants to reach out to you after visiting your website. Do you have a calendar link set up so they can request a consultation with you? It is also helpful for you to have something on your website for the client to look at in order for them to find out more information about you so they can decide if you are a good fit. If you take anything away from this podcast, I would say this is #1! Have this process down first before anything else.

4.) Allows You to Avoid Dropping the Ball

Your business will suffer if you don’t have a process to track your to-do list or to follow up with your leads. Your clients may end up not want to continue working with you if you cannot get your work done in a timely manner.  You will lose your opportunity at gaining new clients if you do not have a follow-up process for potential leads. This is how you end up dropping the ball.

Next week, we will talk about Areas of Your Business to focus on and streamline. Don’t forget to come back and listen to next week’s episode!

Last but not least, I have a NEW website, new.virtualassistantadvantage.com . This website is for the purpose of helping other VA’s not only create a VA business, but also helps you to grow your VA business. I love to share my tips, tricks, and strategies with you. I believe that as a Virtual Assistant, we should all be continuing our education, and this website has been designed just for that purpose. It has all of the episodes of my podcast in Blog form, and there are links to resources that I have either created or found to help your VA business. I do have the Become a Virtual Assistant Course on the website, and there will be new workshops posted on there as well.

Thank you for listening to this week’s podcast, and don’t forget to come back and listen to next week’s episode!


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Why Streamline Your VA Business

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