Hello everyone! Last week, we talked about the Types of Goals to Set. In this podcast, we are going to talk about achieving your goals and staying accountable for them.

Achieving your goals is just as important as setting your goals. There are several ways that I  help myself to stay accountable.

Here are the 5 tactics that I use:


1.) Write it down & display
After writing them down, display them where you will SEE your goals. You can display it on a whiteboard, screensaver, next to your desk, in your planner, or as part of your daily journaling process.

2.) Find an accountability partner
This should be someone that you trust and feel comfortable with.  Maybe they want to be held accountable too, so it is a 2-way street.

3.) Find a group for support
You can find these people from online groups or professionals in your city that you may know. These people will become your Biz Besties! You can meet together in person or on zoom.  Meet once a month or every few weeks. Share your goals and updates with each other.

4.) Seek Support
This would be 1:1 support; Like a coach, friend, mentor, etc. This person should be able to see the holes in your business or life and that person will be able to show you opportunities to promote your business and have your business be more successful. This support person will also be able to help you put your life and business hand in hand, working together. This person should be a few steps ahead of you in their business. They do not need to be an “expert”.  Who is in your personal life or business life that fits this description?

5.) Be honest with yourself
You want to be honest with your progress. Be honest with your support group and/or mentor. This will help them to hold you accountable and will help to hold yourself accountable.

Thank you for listening to this week’s podcast!


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Staying Accountable to Your Goals

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