Today we will be talking about the importance of market segmentation in email and specifically 8 ways to segment your list.   I recommend using ActiveCampaign for email marketing.

Let’s ramp up the personalization you provide to your email list subscribers by learning how to segment your list.  By breaking up your audience into specific lists you will be able to send them an email that is more specific to their wants and what is important to them.

You can have the main list where you have everyone who has ever signed up for anything you have offered.  Then you break that list down into specific segments which allows you to be more specific as to what emails you send to the ones on your specific segments.  MOST email marketing software will take care of this for you, once you have everything set up.

Once you have your list segmented you can plan on what content you will be sending to your specific lists, as well as what will go out to your general list which has everyone on it.

8 Ways to Segment Your List

Remember, how you decide to segment your list is personal to you, to your niche, the information you provide, and your products.

  1. Demographics – How much someone makes, gender, age, what they do for a living, etc.
  2. Location
  3. Customers – People who have already bought from you should be treated differently than those who haven’t yet made a purchase.
  4. Leads and prospects – There is a difference between a lead and a prospect and you should message them differently.  Prospects are people who are in your target audience but you haven’t had any interaction with them.  On the other hand, a lead has already expressed an interest in and admitted to needing what you have to offer.
  5. Raving fans – These are people who have purchased again and again and they send other people to you.  They follow you on social media and interact with you.  Treat these people special and make sure they get all the goods!  They are your biggest cheerleaders.
  6. Purchase Behavior – People in your audience who have done something that moves them from one segment to another. They may have downloaded a freebie or purchased one of your paid offers.
  7. Customer Buying Cycle – If you know that your customer is in the buying cycle you can nurture them in a way to help move them through the cycle.  If someone is in learning mode, they may not be ready to purchase your main offer (yet) but, they may be ready to try out your freebies to see if this will work for them.  You want to know where they are in the cycle and you are able to do this through tags and segments.  Once you set it all up it will work for you. So, set it and forget it and gain the knowledge you need (work smarter, not harder).
  8. Persona/Avatar/Ideal Client – By creating this, you are making things easier to learn how you should segment your list.

I hope that this has been informative and beneficial to you.  Tune in to our next episode where we will be talking about why you need more than one email list.


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