In today’s episode, we will talk about 7 reasons why you should send emails regularly.

why you should send emails regularly

A lot of people spend a tremendous amount of time building an email list, yet they seldom send out emails because they are scared that people will begin to unsubscribe.  But, if you are sending VALUE FILLED emails on a regular basis, your readers will become accustomed to your schedule making them more active.

7 Reasons Why You Should Send Emails Regularly

  1. Emails establish a reputation.  What I mean by this is, when your audience gets regular emails, it helps you to establish a trusting relationship.  They will grow to expect and look forward to your emails.  There are so many different types of emails you can send and, the more of these different types of emails you utilize the better.
  2. You can make more sales.  The more regularly you email your list with relevant offers, the more sales you will get.  After all, sales are your personal goal.  But, in order to get the sale, you must meet the needs of your audience.
  3. You want to stay on their minds.  While you’re participating in activities, events, and creating new products, you want to email your audience and tell them what you’re doing and how THEY can benefit from it!  The more active you are, the more you will be on their minds.
  4. They WANT to hear from you!  Include valuable emails that educate, inform, engage, and compel them to take action.  Share your thoughts on related news, trends, or theories and where you stand as far as those topics go.
  5. To connect with your audience.  When you send out an email, picture a member of your audience that you’re talking to.  Mention something you have in common or ask what they like.  You could even as their opinion or stance about something.  This will help you connect on a deeper level and it is more personal.
  6. The more connected you feel, the better you can help and people will become more loyal to you.
  7. To teach them.  Teach your audience about their pain points.  Provide statistics, causes, concerns, and, most importantly, provide solutions!  Show them that you understand, you are an expert, and that you can help!

Sending emails regularly is important.  But, what is even more important is sending information that resonates with them.

Ensure that each email has a purpose and a need that fits your goal as well as the needs of your audience.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed Why You Should Send Emails Regularly here on the Virtual Assistant podcast.

I hope you have a great rest of your week, stay safe, and I look forward to connecting with you again next week!


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why you should send emails regularly

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