Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Advantage podcast, the podcast for newbie, aspiring, and experienced virtual assistants. This podcast is for a virtual assistant who wants to grow their business while earning additional income. I am excited to share with you my experience, struggles, and journey these past 12 years on this podcast!  Who is ready to learn more about Time Blocking vs. Scheduling, one of the biggest things we, as virtual assistants, must be able to balance.

Time Blocking vs. Scheduling

The topic of this episode is Time Blocking vs. Scheduling. One of the biggest things as a virtual assistant is knowing how to manage your time well. Virtual assistants are trading hours for dollars and we only have so many hours in the day.

I recently made the decision to change the way I laid out my work week and decided to use time blocking on certain days of the week, versus blocks of time during each day.  I also use a schedule or routine of sorts, but I find that time blocking and scheduling are very different and one or the other doesn’t always work for everyone.


Do you use time blocking or scheduling in your virtual assistant business?  If so, share what works or doesn’t work for you in the comments below.


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Time Blocking vs. Scheduling

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