We are continuing our series on helping you determine if becoming a virtual assistant is right for you by asking yourself several important questions.

Why Do you want to become a virtual assistant

Today we are on the second question, “Why do you want to become a virtual assistant?” There are so many reasons to want to become a virtual assistant. So, let’s get to it and talk through the two most common.

There are two reasons you might want to become a virtual assistant.

One is the apparent reason to make an income or for money. The second reason might be to serve. Both of those reasons ring true in my life and my business.

I sort of fell into this industry. I set out to earn an income from my skill set. If you have a skill set that can be done virtually, a service that can be done remotely, then you can categorize yourself as a virtual assistant.

My motto, “To serve others well,” has been a part of my business from the start. When you start with a mission focused on helping others, it’s much easier to stay focused on that goal and avoid getting distracted by other things. I attribute a huge portion of my success to this belief in serving others well and helping them succeed.

Those are just a couple of reasons why you might become a VA. But above and beyond the money or service, you must have an overarching WHY. This WHY is what drives you daily and makes you willing to turn on your computer and do the work every day.

So, what is your WHY?

I’d love to hear your answer…drop your WHY in the comments below.

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