Virtual Assistant Success Story – Jess Lee

Where were you in your life and business when you started working with me?

When I started AVAA, I had no idea that I could own my own business. I knew I wanted to work from home and I had been searching for a position for 14+ years but hadn’t found anything that fit. A traditional job didn’t fit well with my life and my children. While I had my associates degree in business, I knew nothing about starting an online business or how to market myself and gain clients.

How did I help you?

Going through Alyssa’s program was a great jumping off point- the content was easy enough that a beginner like me could understand, and I learned how to market myself as a Virtual Assistant, what services I could offer, and where to find clients.

Where are you as a result of my help?

I got my first client 1 month after finishing Alyssa’s program. My first year was the hardest. I applied for any and every job posting that I could, and the door closed in my face more than 40 times. I had a few 1-time jobs and a 2nd short term client, but, all the while, kept applying to any job that I felt I was qualified for. Finally, after a year of working with my first client, she increased my hours from 3-7 per month to 22-25 per week.

Bio:  Jess is a stay at home mom and Virtual Assistant. She specializes in Infusionsoft support and customer support. She can be found at her computer or with her family.

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