In today’s blog, we will be discussing the virtual assistant niche of  Authors, Speakers, and coaches.  Check out the previous blogs for the discussion on the niches of Real Estate and Podcast Management.


I have personally been a Virtual Assistant for Authors, Speakers, and Coaches for the past 10 years. I hadn’t decided on this niche right away.  It took me working with different people specialized in different niches before I found what I enjoyed doing as a Virtual Assistant.


As I worked with Authors, Speakers and Coaches, I came to realize that most of them have a full-time jobs on the side. Some are doctors, and nurses but most of them are in the health and wellness niche.


The services that I provide center on Social Media, Email Marketing, and Content Repurposing. This an area I feel most comfortable in as I am able to tap in on the creative side and there is always freshness in these niches. Most of the time virtual assistants who specialize in helping authors, speakers, and coaches will also need help with editing, formatting, and setting up the books.


Some might require help with promotion, book marketing, and launching the books. However, this area is not my cup of tea. I can do it but I prefer they hand it over to someone more knowledgeable and enjoys it.


For me, graphic design skills ( Canva), email marketing, and social media skills are necessary. However, they are easily attainable. I have gained knowledge through paid and free services. I have utilized Youtube, workshops, courses, and even 1:1 coaching.


I personally think being a Virtual Assistant is like being a teacher. Part of being a Virtual Assistant is always being willing to learn. That’s the most important piece of advice I can share with you.


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