As we conclude this month’s topic on Virtual Assistant Niches, I am joined by my own lovely bookkeeper, Liz Rohler.




She has worked in various elements of bookkeeping for the past 15 years before starting her own bookkeeping business about 3 years ago. After spending several years assisting her husband with his own books, she made the decision to launch Simple Times Bookkeeping LLC. After 23 years of marriage, Liz and her husband had 6 kids. They live about 20 minutes to the east of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Bookkeeping is math. Simple math, addition, subtraction, and a little bit of division. If you can balance a checkbook and understand that each of those transactions has a category they should go to, you have a basic knowledge of Bookkeeping.

You need to understand the business tech structure as it affects when the business owner takes money and where it goes. You also need to understand what debits and credits mean. If you have those basics you need to enhance them a little bit.

What she does is take all those transactions from all the accounts and categorize them in neither a broad nor a detailed category. The category must make sense. Ensure there are no duplicates in the category, and also make sure to account for everything. As we come to the end of the year she also helps the clients with their 1099 and answers any queries they have.

Bookkeeping skills can be obtained from those who do not currently believe that they have what it takes to become a bookkeeper. You might be pleasantly surprised.  

Liz shares that the biggest piece of advice that she can give to a new bookkeeping virtual assistant, watch your tech stack. There are at least 4 different bookkeeping software and many CRMs that can be integrated. Choose one bookkeeping software that you can specialize in so as a bookkeeper you can niche down even more.

Bookkeeping software that you might specialize in includes:


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