In this episode of The Virtual Assistant Advantage, we talk about pricing your services as a Virtual Assistant. I begin by talking about the fact that so many Virtual Assistants including myself in the beginning are guilty of undercharging for your services.

Pricing Your Services as a Virtual Assistant


You can choose to Pricing Your Services as a Virtual Assistant in a couple of different ways including by the hour or by the package.  This will depend on the type of services you are offering.

You need to keep a few things in mind when you’re deciding your pricing.  You have to remember you’re not just trading hours for dollars, you are bringing all your skills, experience, and expertise to the table as well.  Those skills, experience, and expertise are much more valuable than merely an hour of your time. 

You must take all of those things into consideration when you begin determining your pricing.  Secondly, you must also take into consideration your target market or niche. Often times it is important to consider what they are willing and able to pay.  In addition, you will want to decide in what manner you will charge your clients. There are several options: You can choose to charge per hour or per project.  You might also consider doing packages or retainers. 

I have actually done all of the above and find the easiest options to be per hour or per project.  I found it more difficult to sell packages and/or retainer; however, I know many virtual assistants who have had success with them. 

I would rather share with you what I know has worked for me.  It is my advice to begin your hourly rate at no less than $20 per hour.  I realize that if you are working for other work-at-home moms and/or bloggers that this may not be within their budgets.  If you can make the amount of money that you desire by charging less, or if you have a desire to help a particular niche, then go for it, but I do not recommend staying at that price point for an extended period of time. 


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Pricing Your Services as a Virtual Assistant


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