It is very important to attract the right people to your email lists.  Today we will be talking about 7 ways to attract the right people to your email list.

Before you can get started using email for relationship building, you have to learn how to build your lists properly. That starts with attracting the right people to the right list. If you cast too wide a net you’ll get a lot of uninterested and unresponsive people on your list. So, when it comes to email marketing, size, and quality matter. Yes, of course, bigger lists are better, but only if the quality of the subscribers is high as well.  In today’s episode, we talk about seven ways to attract the right people to your email list.

7 ways to attract the right clients to your email list

Let’s talk about the 7 ways to get the right people on your email list.

  1. Plan ahead. Put a good deal of thought into how you are going to grow your email list and who you want to be on that list.  Identify who your target market is.  Also, It is important to develop a customer persona that will help you to build a list filled with people who are interested in the value you have to give.  You want a list of subscribers who are truly interested in what you have to say versus a list of people who ignore your emails and get no value out of the information and insight you provide.  No one wants to put in a lot of work simply to be ignored when you can put more focus on getting subscribers that have an interest and will appreciate the information and insight you provide them.  Bigger may be better but, only if it is filled with responsive people.
  2. Set subscriber expectations. Let your subscribers know exactly what you will be sending them when you will be sending it, and how often.  The more clear you are about these things the more you will be able to weed out the people that don’t truly want to hear from you.  (This may sound harsh but who wants to waste their time talking to people who really aren’t interested in what you have to say)  You only want people on your email list who really want to be there.
  3. Give them something of value.  Whether this is a freebie or you use a lead magnet, this is always a good idea.  Focus on a very narrow and specific audience.  Give something that adds value to their lives and/or helps to solve one of their biggest pain points.
  4. Make signing up simple.  Don’t ask for too much information as people may get sick of filling in blanks or they may begin to wonder why you are wanting to know all of this and end up not subscribing.  Simply as for their first name and their email address, or even just ask for their email address. The more simple it is the more willing people will be to sign up.  Don’t make them wait for whatever information they are signing up to receive, have a “thank you” page.  Allow them to quickly get to the information they are wanting to download.
  5. Value their privacy.  Make sure that your subscribers know, upfront, that you will not give or sell their information to 3rd parties.  You can put a privacy notice right on your sign-up form (just make sure it opens in a new window so that it won’t take your subscribers away from the sign-up form).
  6. Always monitor your stats. Monitoring your stats on a weekly basis can give you a lot of insight into what is happening with your email list.  For example, you can determine what topics do better than others.  This is always a plus because, by finding this out, you can tailor your emails to things that will boost your open rate.  If you don’t track anything else you should be tracking the number of people on your list, your open rate, and (if you have a call to action) your click-through rate.
  7. Learn to cross-promote.  Let your subscribers know how they can find you in other places on the web.  It should be very easy for your subscribers to connect with you in multiple places.  This will breed trust.  Ask for them to connect with you!

I hope these 7 ways to attract the right people to your email list have been insightful and that you are enjoying our month on everything email and email marketing!


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