Some of the questions I get asked the most often are, “Is it difficult to get clients?” and, “How do I get clients?” I get asked this so often that I even made a whole branch of my business dedicated to helping people find clients. Still, many people need help with this which is why I have done an episode strictly on 3 Proven Strategies for Getting Virtual Assistant Clients.  I hope this will help!

In this episode, I talk about 3 Proven Strategies for Getting Virtual Assistant Clients. Having clients is what being a virtual assistant relies on. These strategies are actual strategies I have used in my business over the past 13 years and will work for anyone.

3 Proven Strategies for Getting Virtual Assistant Clients


Strategy #1 – Choose an area of specialization.  This can be anywhere from general administrative duties to marketing for a type of business on a specific social media platform.  Become an expert on doing something that you love to do.  It will show and the clients you begin talking to will be more drawn to you because of it.

Strategy #2 – Meet them where they are. We are all on a different journey in life.  Some being further ahead and some further behind.  Meet your clients or potential clients at the particular spot they are in on their journey and learn how you can help them more forward to where they want to be.  Helping someone to grow their business and get to a new level on their journey is a great gift and we, as virtual assistants, should feel honored that the clients are willing to share that experience with us.

Strategy #3 – Be generous.  Yes, we are a virtual assistant in order to make a living and to grow.  We all have families to care for and support.  But, there are so many ways we can be generous in this occupation.  We can help people to realize the may not need that but should try this (even if that means we make slightly less.  They will be grateful that we care an are not in it simply for the money).

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3 Proven Strategies for Getting Virtual Assistant Clients

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