Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Advantage Blog, where you can learn the tips, tricks, and advantages of working together. Last week, we talked about what a Nurture Sequence is. Today, we will talk about 7 places to promote your list and your lead magnet.

7 Places to Promote:

1.) Your Navigation Bar

Choose your most popular lead magnet, and place the link to it in the navigation bar of your website.

2.) Homepage of Your Website

Also, place your lead magnet on your Homepage, above the fold. You can put your form right there on the page.

3.) Your Resources Page

Many people create a page on their website where they link to popular resources that they use. Well, you can also put your lead magnet on your Resources Page. You can give them the option to opt-in right there.

4.) Signature Line of Your Email

This is not your email that goes out to your list, but your regular, everyday emails. For example, in your signature line, you can put “Great ideas for list building” and then “Click here to get my free guide” and embed the link of your offer into your signature line.

5.) Social Media

You can put a blurb about your free offer in the header of your Facebook Page and then in the description area of the image. Put a link to your free offer. You can do this on your other social profiles too. Promote your free offer on your social posts too.

6.) 404 Page

This is a page that your leads may be sent to that says the content or previous page that they were trying to access no longer exists. You can set the page up to say, “Oops, this page is not here anymore, but here is a free resource that you may enjoy”.  Now, that lead has the opportunity to receive value from you, even if by mistake.

7.) Your Blog Posts

If you have a WordPress site, there are plugins that will allow you to automatically embed your free offer at the bottom of every blog post. I tend to base my free offer on the blog topic itself. That way, whoever is reading your blog will get to the end of it and be able to sign up for your offer right then.

These are 7 valuable places where you can put your free offer and will help you to grow your list. If you have further questions about list building, I would love to hear from you. I can address these questions in my free Facebook Group, the Virtual Assistant Advantage.

Look out for my new blog next week. It is a new month, so we will have a new theme.


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