We are in the third week of our series on how to get clients! Last week we covered the Pros and Cons of Upwork and Fiverr and today we are going to answer “What is a Referral System?”.


Simply put, a referral system is a way to reward your current clients and others for referring people to you. 99.9% of my clients have come from referrals! I’ll share my process so that you can set one up as well.

Let others see the value in referring you.

When anyone shows interest in working with me, they receive a “How I Work” document which includes my referral system. In this age where many ask, “what’s in it for me?” it is a good idea to let your potential clients know up front that they can be compensated by spreading the word. I also go to my current clients and let them know that if they are happy, like my work, and want to share, they can be rewarded for that. My clients are rewarded an hour to their existing package if the person they refer ends up booking a package. This system has allowed me to get lots of referrals because my clients really enjoy what’s being offered.

Here is a Tried-and-True Method.

Something that has worked for me in the past may work for you as well. If I have an opening that I need to fill quickly I will send an email to current clients, friends, and colleagues. The email may include:

  • A notice that I have an opening.
  • How many hours I’m looking to fill.
  • A mention of a $50 award if their referral signs up for the package (or your preferred compensation).
  • Instructions to have the referred person mention the name of who referred them so that they can be  properly thanked and compensated.

By doing this I have been able to fill a spot in less than a week! Keep in mind that your reward does not have to be monetary.

Referral systems are an impressive way to allow and encourage others to share the word about you!

Special Announcement!

This week is the official launch of the Virtual Assistant Insider group. This group will offer support, continuing education, and community for virtual assistants. The VA Insider group is a monthly subscription that is on sale at $27 a month for now but will go to $37 on 2/18/22.

The first training is “Save Your Sanity” which will show how to streamline your client tasks. You can look forward to a monthly Q&A, FB group, and access to future trainings, as well as hearing more later about this wonderful opportunity! Thanks for being a listener and have a great day.


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